Why were AM2R and PKMN Uranium removed from Game Awards?

The answer is quite simple actually: Nintendo.

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When fan made Nintendo games like AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) and Pokemon Uranium got removed due to pressure from the Japanese game giant, we were all pretty pissed off. AM2R have been in development for a decade and Uranium was for 9 years.

Why were AM2R and PKMN Uranium removed from Game Awards? | TweakTown.com

Yet, how do you feel when all your hard work have been sit on it by a company? How would you feel when the slightest recognition of the blood you shed for something you love is squandered? Well, that's what happened with both game nominations taken off from the prestigious Game Award 2016 last week without notice.

The Game Awards' creator and host Geoff Keighly recently explained on a stream why these masterpieces' nomination were taken away. He said: "I think the big challenge that we face as a show is that everything in the show has to be legally cleared by the game companies in question. So one of the things that we go through is this clearance process where we have to get basically rights from everyone that owns the IPs of the games, but we don't tell those companies in advance who's nominated, and we find out together".

"It became clear once we announced the nominees that we weren't going to be able to get clearance on those games from Nintendo, understandably so, it's Nintendo IP, they're trying to protect their IP, and those creators had sort of taken those games down, he added. Mr Keighly continued: "So from a show perspective, those games had been I think issued takedowns, and if we include those in the show, then the show is potentially at risk for take down as well."

We can only hope for Nintendo to give a conscience nod to Game Awards to allow these two games into the show. Let the creators have the recognition for their decade worth of hard work . Yet, then again, looking through this list of fan games that have been cancelled due to Nintendo legal action by Gaming Reinvented, the future is sure grim.

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