LingLong DingDong - Amazon Echo-like device from China

DingDong rings the Amazon Echo bell with its own Echo-like device, called the LingLong DingDong.

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China is expected to bust into the smart home market to the tune of around $22 billion per year by as soon as 2018, but with product names like LingLong DingDong - I think they're going to have some fun while doing it.

LingLong DingDong - Amazon Echo-like device from China |

LingLong, the company behind the DingDong, has made an Amazon Echo-like device that costs $118 - and it's capable of playing music, audiobooks, managing schedules, and more - just like the Amazon Echo. In order to wake the device, you'll have to say one of three commands:

  • DingDong DingDong
  • Xiaowei Xiaowei
  • BaiLing BaiLing

LingLong has said that most people are using the DingDong to play music from their library, which spans 3 million songs. LingLong has been working on the DingDong for a while, so it's not a direct knockoff of the Echo, but LingLong's Senior Marketing Manager Charlie Liu did state that Amazon Echo did have an influence in some of their decision-making.


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