Alienware boss says 'PC has won' war against consoles

Alienware boss talks about PC and console gaming, saying consoles are 'more PC-like than ever before'

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We all know the PC is the most powerful, and the most versatile gaming platform out there - but the console market still gets so much love. You can't talk bad about consoles, without being branded as being anti-consoles - and while they have their place, long live PCMR and our Lord GabeN.

Alienware boss says 'PC has won' war against consoles |

During PAX Australia 2016 a couple of weeks ago, Alienware boss Frank Azor talked about the current-gen consoles and their mid-cycle refresh parts in PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio, PC gaming, and VR. He talked with GameSpot where he said: "The console market and the PC market have converged in ways that we've never really seen before. Consoles look more like PCs, and PCs are starting to look more like consoles".

He added: "The console guys have realised they can't operate on seven year cadences anymore, because they can't keep up with the amount of innovation that's going on in the industry, with HDR, 4K, VR, and the long path we have ahead of us in VR evolution".

The Alienware co-founder and VP continued: "They're having to evolve in order to survive, to be a lot more like the PC side, where they can't come in with a $300 or $400 piece of subsidised hardware. They can maybe only afford to subsidise for $50 or $100, because the lifecycle they're going to have to recoup that investment over the lifecycle or the customer's journey is going to be two or three years, not the seven years they had before".

The final part of the interview was interesting, as Azor said: "Console architecture, funnily enough, is more PC-like than ever before, so I think that's a real testament that PC has won". Yeahhh, we're bros, Frank.

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