Minecraft will hit the Oculus Rift next week

Oculus Rift owners will soon be able to play Minecraft in VR.

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During the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, engine god and CTO for Oculus, John Carmack said that the biggest game for VR this year would be Minecraft. While I might have grinded away a layer of my teeth when he said that, Minecraft is reporting headed to the Oculus Rift sooner than anticipated.

Minecraft will hit the Oculus Rift next week | TweakTown.com

Lead Developer of Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, Tommasco Checchi, said in a tweet: "PSA: unsurprisingly, promised dates change :) We said that Rift support would be in 0.15.6, but it will be out next week instead!".

A few days ago Checchi tweeted: "I'm back in the office and I just played a lot of Minecraft for the Oculus Rift... it's definitely ready for release :)". Minecraft on the Oculus Rift will be a good win for the company, which is currently struggling against the HTC Vive and its dominant sales and room scale VR greatness.

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