Star Citizen upgraded to Alpha 2.2 adds a bounty system

Star Citizen has it's playable modules updated to Alpha 2.2, adding in a new bounty system to help with the growing griefer problem.

Published Fri, Mar 4 2016 12:03 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:01 PM CST

Star Citizen's latest update has just hit the public servers, bringing it up to version alpha 2.2. This update adds new playable ships, fixes a lot of bugs and glitches that have been found during the PTU sessions and adds a new reputation system that also brings a bounty reward system to the game.

Star Citizen upgraded to Alpha 2.2 adds a bounty system |

The reputation system is one of the biggest changes they've added. It adds a sort of "monitored" area of space, where your actions, good or bad, can result in consequences. So if you're one of those griefers that wants to blow up an innocent pilots ship while they're trying to fix a comm array, you become a wanted man/woman.

They are five levels of criminals and each one carries with it an increasing length of time-out before being able to respawn When a person does enough terrible, grief-ridden things in the server, then all the players there can get a special reward for vaping the wanted criminal. And that person gets ejected from the server as a punishment. There's been some community issues, people being terrible to other players inside.

You can find the patch notes right here. The bounty business is listed below. Don't worry, the FPS mechanics are working just fine even though Star Marine hasn't been fully integrated. And it's proving to be quite the FPS, too.

Bounty System

  • In an effort to improve security in the Crusader region while their local staffing is low, Crusader Industries has activated their "Bounty" system and encourages all pilots to hunt down any wanted criminals in their space.
  • Destroying an empty ship, colliding with a landed ship (in Monitored space), or disabling a Comm Array gives the offending character 1 level of Wanted Criminal.
  • However, these are not cumulative and will not take your character above 1 Criminal level.
  • Killing a player character or destroying an occupied ship (in Monitored space) gives 1 Cumulative level of Criminal.
  • Crusader Security AI will spawn and attack any Criminal (of any wanted level), that enters the area around Cry-Astro Station or Port Olisar.
  • There are 5 Criminal levels available. At Level 5 point, a global bounty mission is posted to all characters on the server instructing them to hunt down and kill the character.
  • Players who successfully complete the bounty mission for a Level 5 Criminal will find a Klaus & Werner ATT4 Energy rifle waiting for them in their bedroom on Port Olisar. Courtesy of Crusader Industries.
  • Each Criminal level adds 30 seconds of "jail time" to your respawn. When a Criminal is killed, they will be locked into their spawn-bedroom for the duration of their penalty time.
  • Players who die in Crusader with at least 1 level of Wanted Criminal, will respawn in a medium Outlaw loadout.
  • Those who die with Level 4 will be respawn in a different Outlaw loadout.
  • When a Level 5 Criminal is killed, they are removed from the server.
  • This functionality is for the purposes of testing of the system, as consequences within current game systems is limited.
  • When a Level 5 Criminal is killed, they are removed from the server.
  • This functionality is for the purposes of testing of the system, as consequences within current game systems is limited.
  • There are only two ways to reduce your Criminal level.
  • Waiting 10 minutes without committing a crime will naturally reduce the level by 1. There is a console in Security Post Kareah that you can "hack." Each hack you initiate and complete drops your wanted level by 1.
  • However, each hack takes 1 minutes to complete, and other criminals can interrupt your hack by initiating their own.

Hostility System

  • Pirates and Crusader Security now recognize potential friends and foes.
  • Pirates will spawn to protect disabled Comm Arrays from non-Criminals.
  • Crusader Security will spawn to protect active Comm Arrays from Criminals.
  • Both will become much more aggressive toward anyone who takes action toward them.
  • When a character initiates combat with another character, the aggressor is flagged as "hostile" to the defender.
  • Defenders do not receive a penalty or a Wanted Criminal level for killing a player that initiated combat in Monitored Space.

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