AKG and Quincy Jones teamed up to make this 6-speaker $1,500 AIO beast

Six speakers, 300W amplifiers, the seal of a Grammy winner and more are all within this $1,500 AKG-made box.

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If you're looking at an audiophile level all-in-one speaker system, this collaboration between AKG and Grammy winner Quincy Jones might just be the thing for you.

AKG and Quincy Jones teamed up to make this 6-speaker $1,500 AIO beast | TweakTown.com

The Q200 features six speakers within and has been dubbed part of the Quincy Jones signature collection, joining the N90Q headphones which were released one year ago. This speaker system contains six drivers within, powered by 300W amplifiers and claims to "fill any room with exceptional volume and unbeatable studio-quality sound."

Featuring connection options through AirPlay, DNLA, Bluetooth, analog, optical and phono preamp integration, the speaker further contains the ability to run Spotify Connect Technology. Compatible with Smartphones and tablets, simply connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and play music to your hearts content - this is crucial as there are barely any controls on the speaker system itself, meaning you're going to have to run everything through your device.

Further features include a wood housing and the signature 'QJ' design, similar to the headphones mentioned above.

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