Omate reaches its smartwatch crowdfunding goal in mere minutes

This waterproof and carbon fiber smartwatch reached its IndieGoGo goal in mere minutes.

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If you're interested in a brand new Omate Smartwatch design, you're too late - for the early bird entries at least. Raising over $100,000 in the first day of trading and currently sitting at $231,618 raised in total on IndieGoGo, Omate's new water resistant and carbon fiber bezel watch was blitzed by the public in no time at all.

Toting Android 5.1 and quoted as "the world's first standalone water resistant smartwatch," this product has already become 766% funded, reaching its original goal on December 9, 2015. There are still Omate Rise Standard Edition packs available for those looking to buy at $299 plus shipping, with the $209 and $199 early bird and early bird developer packs already clearing 500 units each.

This is yet another successful smartwatch crowdfunding campaign by this company and it's likely not the last. Here at TweakTown we will be receiving the TrueSmart+ when it hits the public around CES 2016, stay tuned for our thoughts.

Omate reaches its smartwatch crowdfunding goal in mere minutes 096

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