Israel focusing more on cybersecurity as it faces nonstop attacks

Israel trying to build a 'hack-proof' infrastructure.

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Israel understands the importance of building a strong cybersecurity defense, as attacks on its critical infrastructure greatly increased over the past few years.

Israel focusing more on cybersecurity as it faces nonstop attacks |

Israel Electric, responsible for more than 80 percent of Israel's power production and infrastructure, saw cyberattacks increase from a few hundred per hour in 2013 - up to 20,000 per hour in 2014, according to reports. The Israeli government and major businesses are on a cybersecurity hiring spree, trying to help defend against evolving threats.

"You can't be a good defender unless you understand the offense," said Amos Yadlin, former military chief and head of the Tel Aviv University Institute for National Security Studies, in a statement to Bloomberg News. "Therefore, defensive efforts must overlap to some degree with offensive efforts, including those of intelligence collection."

It's a complicated effort for nations, especially the United States and Israel, which face large numbers of cyberattacks every day. During Israel's offensive in Gaza, the country faced up wards of 2 million cyberattacks per day - and trying to keep data secure from outside threat is overly difficult.

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