Cybersecurity firm outs computer spying campaign from Lebanon

Israeli cybersecurity experts note a cyber spy campaign from Lebanon.

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Researchers from Check Point Software Technologies in Israel have found a surprising computer spying operation that "likely" originated from a government agency or political group operating inside of Lebanon.

Cybersecurity firm outs computer spying campaign from Lebanon |

The spy software, once installed via hijacked public websites, could steal personal and corporate information from victims.

"They are not 'script kiddies,'" said Shahar Tal, a researcher at Check Point Software Technologies, in a statement published by Reuters. "But we have to say in terms of technical advancement, this is not NSA-grade. They are not replacing hard drive firmware."

Conducting cybercriminal activity is a major business for the United States, UK, China, Russia, and a few other select countries - but has expanded to countries and groups with less financial resources. They are able to try to even the playing field a bit by launching cyberattacks against their own targets.

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