Razer admits major issues with CES Appreciation Sale

Razer's CEO has spoken up, admitting there were major issues with their CES Appreciation Sale.

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CES 2015 - Min-Liang Tan, Razer's CEO has spoken up. According to him "we fucked up. I fucked up. The codes we sent out for the CES Appreciation Sale were reversed - i.e. the Blade codes were for peripherals and the Peripherals codes were for the Blades."

Razer admits major issues with CES Appreciation Sale 099

If you're still wanting to purchase an in-stock item for yourself, the big wig recommends that you "flip the codes (if you had noted them down before the sale started" and go for your life.

However many end users aren't satisfied, commenting on Razer's share of Tan's post - "[I] Waited 3 days resulting with lack of sleep. Both insider and store crashed, stock run out of within minutes, mixed up codes, page did not load, server's wasn't able to handle load of customers. In short, big blunder... It's nice to acknowledge the mistake hopefully the remedial will make it up to the disappointed fans and customers. Hopefully this don't happen with the remedial, I don't wanna wait for 3 days again with minimal sleep and ended up with nothing. Or else it might be time to consider switching products. Sadly but true and I'm sure I'm not the only person with this mindset right now. I still have faith in Razer I hope you guys will be able to make it up to the fans."

It's obvious that fans aren't happy with the result, citing lack of sleep due to long waiting periods and server issues amongst the myriad of problems experienced. Razer is well-known globally for being one of the biggest and best peripheral brands out there and are often seen flexing their marketing might, however this time it seems they've made some major blunders.

Tan himself stated that there will be "more details on Insider when it's up," here's hoping that Razer can pull something cool out of their bag of tricks to win back some adoring fans.

Razer admits major issues with CES Appreciation Sale 0100
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