Escort Radar announces Passport Max2, all-digital radar detector

Escort Radar introduces the all-digital, Bluetooth Passport Max 2 radar detector during CES 2015.

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CES 2015 - Escort Radar introduced the Passport Max2 radar detector and rolled out Escort Live mobile app updates during the 2015 Consumer Electronics show. The new detectors feature English and Spanish language voice alerts, and utilizes a multi-color graphics display that is easier to read.

Escort Radar announces Passport Max2, all-digital radar detector |

The Escort Live app now includes Air Patrol alert features so drivers are alerted if they begin traveling through a stretch of roadway that is monitored by air. Also, the "Intelligent Speed Trap" feature automatically provides drivers about user reports of other Escort Radar owners in the area - and can support manually entering data.

"We're thrilled that we can offer known areas of enforcement that have been verified by millions of data points," said Tim Coomer, VP of product development at Escort Radar, in a press statement. "Advanced notification in these high-risk areas can be extremely useful in defending against instant-on radar and the use of laser guns."


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