Google Play 'Best Apps of 2014' released

Google Play's top apps of 2014 have been released to the public with a diverse range on offer.

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Just yesterday, Google has published their brand new 'Best Apps of 2014' list which features some old favorites alongside new big hits.

Google Play 'Best Apps of 2014' released |

If you're looking for old favorites; Shazam, Swiftkey Keyboard and TED made the list. These are displayed proudly next to newer offerings such as Over or Strive. It's interesting to see a distinct lack of music service providers missing out of this list, with no Pandora or Spotify listed - however if you're on the path for love, OkCupid has made an appearance quite near to the top of the page.

There is a rather large range of applications on offer in this list as expected, with applications being spread over utilities, music, gaming and social culture.

What ranks within your top listed apps of 2014? Is there anything in this list that you think doesn't deserve a spot?

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