Three of upcoming Intel Haswell-E desktop processors detailed

The new Haswell-E HEDT processors lineup will be the first to support DDR4 memory.

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More details about the Intel's next generation HEDT processor lineup 'Haswell-E' has surfaced. The new HEDT lineups will be launched at three price segments to replace Core i7-4820K, i7-4930K and i7-4960K processors. The newer lineups will be using Intel X99 chipset and will have 2011 pins. However it is being reported that it won't be compatible with the existing LGA 2011 socket.

Three of upcoming Intel Haswell-E desktop processors detailed 1

It is also known that Haswell-E will be the first to use DDR4-SDRAM memory, and therefore will support DDR4-2133 MHz out of the box. All three processors have a TDP rated at 140W.

It is expected that the HEDT processor lineups will be launched later this year.

Three of upcoming Intel Haswell-E desktop processors detailed 2

The i7-5820K will use 6 cores and feature 15MB L3 Cache with base clock of 3.30GHz and a quad channel DDR memory controller. The processor will have unlocked BClk multiplier and it will be a sub-$400 chip. However, the on-die PCI-e Gen 3 will have fewer lanes, with 16+8 lanes dedicated for the discrete video card. This would mean that there would be boards with x16/NC/x8 or x8/x8/x8/ and x4 layout.

The next HEDT processor, modeled i7-5930K, will have a six-core with a possibility of HyperThreading. It will also feature 15MB L3 Cache with the quad-channel DDR IMC support. Other than the clock speed bump of 3.50GHz, it will have a 40-lane PCIe root complex, therefore providing support quad GPU setups in x8/x8/x8/x8 mode, with another x8 link dedicated for high-performance SSDs.

The core i7-5960X will feature eight cores and HyperThreading which would enable 16 logical CPUs. It will also feature a 20MB L3 cache with clock speed of 3GHz with the same 40-lane PCIe as the 5930K.


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