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uTorrent will soon include ads for your viewing pleasure

Ads will soon be making their way to uTorrent.

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uTorrent user? You'll soon be eye balling ads, as the creators of the torrent program have announced that the upcoming version of the popular torrent software will sport "in-client offers". In-client offers is just some fancy translation of ads.

uTorrent will soon include ads for your viewing pleasure |

uTorrent Plus users won't have to experience the ads, but you'll be coughing up USD $24.95 for the privilege. Considering that uTorrent features over 125 million active users each month, it shouldn't come as a surprise. uTorrent's parent company, BitTorrent Inc., has made some nice spare money from their optional tool bar, seeing between $15 to $20 million from the tool bar alone. The ad-supported client should make the wallets of uTorrent that little bit bigger.

What is changing with µTorrent offers?

- One additional offer location: A narrow rectangle just below the toolbar within the µTorrent UI will present relevant offers to users.

- Better-targeted offer types: We will pursue making offers that are targeted and interesting to our users.

What type of offers will you show?

- The first offer type will inform users of our own new products, features and services.

- The second offer type will come from our offer partners, whose offerings include things such as games, security products and privacy services.

- The final offer type will feature independent artists, such as musicians and film makers.

Can I turn in-client offers off?

Currently you'll be able to skip offers of no interest to you by clicking an x within the ad, which will advance you to the next offer. There is no way to turn in-client offers off*. We will pay attention to feedback, and may change this in the future.

*Note that users of µTorrent Plus will not be served offers in the client. We are looking into other offer-free alternatives for users as well.


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