ASUS Mars GTX 295 SLI with 8GB RAM + Far Cry 2160p

Far Cry at an amazing 2160p XHD.

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Computex Taipei 2009: When you visit a company at a trade show like Computex, there is always one truly standout product for us and for ASUS this year out in Nangang it was its Mars GTX 295 demo.

What's special about the ASUS Mars GTX 295? Well for starters each is a limited edition and labeled as such and each comes with a massive 4GB of onboard video memory. Double them up in SLI and of course you have 8GB of video memory which is much more than the average user has of actual system memory.

ASUS were running a demo showing Far Cry running silky smooth at 2160p, the next big jump up from HD 1080p, to extreme high def. That resolution works out to be 3840 x 2160 - eat your heart out in the video we prepared below:

Wicked? Yes, we think so ASUS! And in case you missed it, this extreme VGA setup managed to recently break the 3DMark world record just before the start of Computex, if they were any surprise. The score to beat is X25057, but as ASUS said, it will be a hard score to beat until the next gen cards come out from NVIDIA and AMD.

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