Palit First To Ship GTX 275

Non-reference design to top it off.

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It seems that Palit is right on top of the ATI Radeon HD 4890 launch today and according to their press release, their cards should be showing up for purchase any time now.

Palit First To Ship GTX 275
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Palit's GTX 275 comes clocked with at 633MHz on the core, 1404MHz on the shaders, and 2268MHz for the 896MB of 448bit GDDR3 memory. All the standard GTX 200 series features are present, such as 3-Way SLI and HDMI support.

Palit's non-reference design features an innovative dual fan cooling system that comes with two PWM fans and three heat pipes. It also includes a 4-phase PWM GPU power circuit that provides sufficient power for stable overclocking.

The full press release can be found here.

Palit GTX275 is already distributed to all local channels this week and gaming enthusiast are able to get their first GTX275 from Palit in the PC shops now. Palit GeForce® GTX275 features 240 stream processors with a 633MHz core clock, 1404 shader clock and high capacity 896MB of 448bit, 2268 MHz GDDR3 memory. GeForce® GTX 275's GPUs tear through complex DirectX® 10 environments and cinematic effects at blazing frame rates in extreme HD resolution! With full GPU-acceleration for PhysX™ technology, GTX275 will change 3D gaming experience by bringing dynamic forces of nature and massively destructible environments to games.

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