My PC with AIO Liquid Cooler keeps overheating, what's the problem?

Angel has a Vetroo V360 AIO Liquid Cooler which keeps overheating the CPU - we try and help with the problem.

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Hello, so I've built a gaming PC. Everything seems to be fully functional. However, when I start my gaming PC, the CPU would overheat and shut down the PC.

I have a CPU Liquid Cooler and had a replacement of it as well; it's a Vetroo V360 AIO Liquid Cooler. My motherboard is an ASUS B560-PLUS LGA1200, has 32GB of RAM, the processor is an Intel Core i7 11700k 11th Generation, the power supply is Pystar 1000W, and my case has 7 Fans.

I do not know why it keeps overheating, and I don't know what to do. I'm getting frustrated, and before you ask, yes, I did apply Thermal Paste the right amount, and I still don't understand why it keeps overheating.

Hi Angel,

That certainly sounds frustrating to me as well, but with it being an overheating problem, there is only one thing that will be the root cause. My first thought is air trapped in the pump of your AIO, and my second thought was just a simple dead pump.

My PC with AIO Liquid Cooler keeps overheating, what's the problem? 01

Either way, the solution can be one of two things. Turn your PC on and if possible, move the chassis around between horizontal and vertical to see if you can release the trapped air. You can also pull the radiator out and move it around as well. If there is air in the system, you want to dislodge it and get it to move into the radiator if possible, so there's no cavitation in the pump.

A second option would be to replace the cooler with a tower-type air cooler. This would 100% make sure the cooling isn't an issue and doesn't have the problem mentioned above of AIOs.

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