Issues carrying full 4K signal from my satellite TV to my projector

Peter is having issues trying to carry a full 4K signal from his satellite TV to my projector via a Yamaha RXV581 A/V receiver.

Question by Peter from Australia | Answered by in TV, Movies & Home Theatre on Fri, Jan 3 2020 10:59 PM CST


Can you recommend a 4K HDMI splitter which will carry full 4K/UHD signal from my satellite TV to my projector through a Yamaha RXV581 A/V receiver?

All splitters I have tried locally from Jaycar Electronics will not hold the signal through to my projector although I do get a perfect signal to the Yamaha receiver or directly to the projector. Both audio and video. Signals are being passed through my ceiling and walls via a 20-meter Fibre optic HDMI cable. As soon as I try to pass through a splitter 4K/UHD (alleged) 2 in/1 out, the signal drops out?

Thank you for any help.

Hi Peter,

I'll try my best!

I'm going through your situation in my mind and can only think you are attempting to run a HDMI signal from your satellite box via HDMI to two output devices, projector and TV? Do you need the signal to display at the same time on both screens?

Issues carrying full 4K signal from my satellite TV to my projector |

If you don't need a live signal to both devices, I'm curious why you don't use the Yamaha receiver as your splitter with its four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output it should be able to handle the load quite easily.

If I'm not on point and you just need a splitter for other reasons, I'd recommend you look for HDMI 2.1, as it has 48 Gbps bandwidth, and should handle your situation without issue. Top brands in the states are Blackbird and the HDFury Vertex.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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