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Sony rumored to unveil its new Xperia Z5 smartphone in September

It looks like Sony is continuing to push on with its Xperia line of smartphones with the news of the Xperia Z5 to reportedly arrive in September, according to Technodify. The Xperia Z5 would arrive alongside the Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 Ultra and other variants that will roll into other markets.




Sony is reportedly preparing the Z5 with some exciting new features and technology, with the heart and soul the Xperia Z5 being Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 820 processor. This means the Xperia Z5 will feature an 8-core processor with 3GHz per core, using the company's new Kyro cores, as we move away from the Krait cores used in previous Snapdragon chips.


Not only that, but the Xperia Z5 should feature a fingerprint scanner, 20.7-megapixel rear-facing camera that uses Sony's own Exmor RS IMX230 sensor, and a huge 4500mAh battery. If the battery rumor is true, we could be in for one of the best Android smartphones ever released.

Apple's new iPhone rumored to feature 4K-capable, 12-megapixel camera

It looks like Apple will finally be making the iPhone 4K-capable, with the upcoming purported iPhone 6S to feature a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera that will finally bring Apple into the 4K era.




The news is coming from a Foxconn employee who posted on Weibo, showing what looks like internal documentation that shows off the camera module that will be used in the upcoming 'S' model of the iPhone. If the rumor is true, it's quite the landmark moment, as Apple has been stuck on the 1080p-capable 8-megapixel camera for quite a while now.


We can be sure that if the new iPhone is 4K-capable, Apple is going to push the marketing quite hard when it gets announced in September.

Xiaomi nearing 35 million smartphone units sold worldwide in 2015

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has sold 34.7 million smartphones during Q1 and Q2 of 2015, an impressive 33 percent year-over-year increase. Xiaomi's sales have slowed down slightly in China, but expansion into new territories seems to be going well for the company.




Xiaomi's home market of China has generated the bulk of sales, but the company has ambitious expansion plans for India, Brazil, and other select markets. The company is still taking baby steps in the United States, and doesn't want to rush into mature markets without developing a strong foundation.


"Roughly 90 percent of Xiaomi's volumes have been in China in the past, followed by India in a very distance second," said Bryan Ma, VP of IDC Asia, in a statement to CNET. "Sure, the US and Western Europe are important markets (especially in terms of influence), but in terms of numbers, these smartphone markets are each only just over 10 percent of the worldwide market right now. India, on the other hand, is expected to be larger than the US in unit terms by 2017."

The first major iPhone 6S images leak, virtually the same design again

We all know a refreshed iPhone is coming out later this year, but we have been split on rumors: is it the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S? According to the latest leaks, we're looking at Apple unveiling the iPhone 6S later this year.






But there has been a big leak on the iPhone 6S, showing off everything - inside, outside, the style, no dual lens camera, and everything in between. We should hopefully see Apple cram in a more capable rear-facing camera that is hopefully 4K capable this time, but it's the inside of the new iPhone that has been upgraded versus the exterior, which is usually the case for the 'S' upgrades on the iPhone.




Inside of the iPhone 6S, we can see that there are new mounting points for the logic board, but the volume buttons, SIM card slot, and sleep/wake buttons on the iPhone 6S are in the same spots, so there's nothing new there.

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Apple will now replace your battery once it hits 80% health

Apple may have just unveiled Apple Music, but it also made some changes to the terms of its AppleCare+ extended warranty program.




The company will now replace the battery in any iOS or OS X device you own once the battery reaches 80% health. Before today, Apple would only replace devices under its AppleCare+ plan if the battery was at 50% for iOS devices, and Mac devices were only covered under manufacturing defects, not battery degradation.


This is a great step by Apple, as it gives consumers even more confidence in their products. The new policy is for devices purchased after April 10 of this year.

Saygus V SQUARED smartphone has up to 464GB of on-board storage

While most companies are still offering flagship smartphones with only 16G or 32GB of on-board storage by default, it looks like that is all set to change with the new Saygus V SQUARED smartphone.



Saygus has taken to Indiegogo to fund its new venture, requiring $1 million to get the V SQUARED into consumers' hands, where it has met that funding goal. What makes the V SQUARED so special is that it has 64GB of on-board storage in its stock form, featuring not one but two microSD card slots that support 200GB each, bringing the total on-board storage on the V SQUARED to a huge 464GB.


The Saygus V SQUARED also features a 21-megapixel rear-facing 4K-capable camera, 13-megapixel selfie shooter up front, and is completely waterproof to boot. Saygus will release the V SQUARED smartphone later this year, with a price tag of $650.

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7 out of 10 smartphone owners sleep with our phones really close to us

It seems mobile users in the United States absolutely love our smartphones, with 71 percent of smartphone owners reportedly sleeping with them - either under our pillows, next to us on a nightstand, or in their bed somewhere.




When people wake up in the morning, more than one-third of survey respondents also thought of - and reached for - mobile devices first, according to a survey from the Bank of America. That number is higher than coffee (17 percent), toothbrush (13 percent), significant other (10 percent), remote control (6 percent), or robe (4 percent).


Not surprisingly, younger millennials are most likely to constantly check their mobile phones throughout the day.

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Report: Samsung to unleash more Tizen-powered smartphones on the world

Samsung is reportedly working on several new smartphones running the Tizen operating system, with product launches expected before the end of 2015. Additional details about Samsung's plans remain scarce, as no public announcement has been made.




The Tizen OS is a Samsung-created ecosystem, so the South Korean electronics company can power its own smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, and other connected technologies.


Samsung has used the Google Android OS successfully, becoming one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Don't expect as many Tizen-powered smartphones in the United States and Western Europe, though Samsung has found success selling the handsets in India - and has launched the Z1 in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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iPhone 6S will reportedly feature Force Touch technology

We know that Apple is preparing the new iPhone 6S, with previous rumors pegging it to include a bunch of new features and upgrades over the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.




One of those new technologies will be Force Touch, something Apple unveiled not too long ago with its new MacBook. Force Touch is a nifty technology that sees the surface of the device feature a pressure-sensitive mini electrode that acts, and feels like, the feel of a button when pressed down.


Apple will reportedly be offering the new 'S' upgrade of the next-gen iPhone in the same 4.7- and 5.5-inch size that the current iPhone is offered in. But how will Apple deploy its Force Touch technology? We are expecting Apple to use the same style and look of the current iPhone, with numerous changes under the hood, as well as Force Touch. Apple is expected to roll out the new iPhone 6S later this year.

Samsung Pay could take off compared to other mobile payment efforts

Samsung Pay hasn't launched yet, but there is a significant possibility the mobile payment platform could have a major advantage by using technology developed from LoopPay.




LoopPay, which Samsung acquired, uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology that will allow any Samsung smartphone to make a payment on current credit card readers. In addition, you can simply use a digital barcode - which can be scanned at checkout - as a method to make a payment.


Even if most of you haven't experimented with mobile payments just yet, the industry as a whole is expected to reach $37 billion this year. Of course, that number is half what Business Insider expected - and it won't magically become easier to convince users to try a non-traditional payment.

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