HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review

HyperX's Gaming Spectre React Eyewear glasses manage to score a completely perfect 100 rating across the board. Take a look.

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The Bottom Line

As much as we loved the earlier versions of Spectre Eyewear, it is the Spectre React that takes top honors. All of the small issues are resolved in a pair of glasses that have become nearly a permanent fixture in our lives.


Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of looking at a pair of blue-light reducing eyewear from HyperX, and to say we appreciated what they offered is a vast understatement. Coming from someone who has never had to use glasses for reading, and as one who only needed or wanted to use sunglasses, once we put the Panda Global glasses on our face, any time we were at the PC after that day, putting on the glasses was the first thing we do.

While we were pleased as punch with our first set, over time, we did notice that the glasses felt a bit heavy and could potentially cause pain if used with a headset while gaming. Even so, with so little to complain about after some four months of use, we were offered something a bit more mainstream, without the fancy connection to eSports.

The lack of a significant name connection does not in any way affect the materials used, the craftsmanship offered, nor does it seem to affect the cost. It does allow HyperX to bring forth something new while still being a pair of blue-light reducing spectacles. While many may assume that they have changed the shape of the lenses or that HyperX is now swapping colors, the lenses might be different, and maybe HyperX has solved ways to make additional components part of the kit.

In all instances, you would be correct, but all of these things are found in not just the pair of glasses we have to show you. Still, it is just one of many, from multiple series names, and unlike our, Panda Global set, the ones we are discussing now come in smaller sizes for children or anyone with a smaller head for that matter.

With many changes afoot, we are pleased to bring you another set of spectacles which have been a pleasure to have on our face for the last month or so. Keep in mind; these are not designed solely for gaming. These are for anyone who uses a digital device, anywhere, any time! That being said, the Spectre React Eyewear we are about to cover also includes the outdoors, which is something the Panda Global set had no answer.

HyperX opts for tiny magnets to deliver us blue-light blocking eyewear, which is beneficial on its own, but now, they even come with an option that includes magnetically attached, polarized sunglasses. You can now benefit from what HyperX has delivered, no matter the conditions.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 01

As we do when possible, we borrow the specifications from the manufacturer. The provided chart starts with the fact that the frame material this time is Ultem®, which is the registered name for PEI, or Polyetherimide. By definition, Ultem® is a semi-transparent, high-strength, high service temperature material used for its arc resistance and dielectric constant. In this instance, we can see where the transparency allows for the Crystal Gray coloration of our set.

High-strength allows for thinner frames, which lightens the product. Since they are made to go outside, high-heat resistance is cool and all, but that only goes so far with eyewear. Impact resistance is another feature we found, which along with Polycarbonate lenses, makes for a set of glasses that can take a bit of abuse.

In the dimensions section, notice that there are two sets of numbers. The top group is for the square lens shaped, medium to large, set of Spectre React. Eye size refers to the exposed width of the Polycarbonate lenses, which is 56mm in the larger set. The bridge size refers to the gap between lenses, measured at the center of the nose pieces, at 16mm. Temple length is the overall width seen from the front and is 141mm in the "adult" medium/large offerings. The "children's" small/medium dimensions change slightly. The lens's width is 3mm shorter, the gap between lenses shortened a millimeter, but the width is kept the same. While neither pair mentions an earpiece length, we measured ours and saw 144mm of length, which we can only assume is a tad shorter on the small/medium set.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 88

While looking around, not just at the HyperX store listings but Amazon as well, we noticed that there are eight part-numbers held in the Spectre React Series, which the chart above explains. These all boil down to a pair of options in color, where you can opt for satin black (solid black) or satin crystal gray (mix of clear and colored sections), in either the medium/large or small/medium. However, if you recall, we did mention outside and polarized sunglasses.

For each color and each size, you can also order with or without the sunglasses clip. Any color, and size, without the sunglasses, expect to pay $69.99 for the Spectre React, and for those who want the sunglasses, tag on an extra $10. This is the same whether shopping at Amazon or buying through HyperX, direct.

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Packaging and Accessories

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 02

The Spectre React showed up inside this shiny black box, displaying the HyperX name in white on the top. You will find not one other tidbit of information on this box, not a part number, not legal information, not even a bar code. Everything is hidden, waiting for its debut, once the top is lifted off the secretive outer packaging.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 03

The Spectre React ship inside of a hard case as our Panda Global Edition did, sporting an embossed HyperX logo on the top of it. Simultaneously, the entire surface delivers a hairline finish of the outer material, bisected horizontally with a zipper made of plastic teeth with a metal body and puller. The other half matches what we have here, as far as the shape, even down to the divot, but the logo is only presented on this side.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 04

When opened, the products are exposed in the lower section, and we will be sure to get to those bits, but the card at the top is what we want to discuss. Rather than needing to flip the image, we read it and found it says get ready to experience awesome-sauce (paraphrased a little) with the ability to quickly transition to any environment with the benefits of polarized, magnetic, sunglass clip, they continue about the relief of digital eye strain and claim to be crystal clear, over amber/yellow lenses of other manufacturers. Things end with HyperX thanking you and wishing you think back to them for your next purchase.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 05

The main accessory for the Spectre React Eyewear has to be the magnetically attached, polarized sunglass clip. At first glance, you can see that these are not what your parents and grandparents use for prescription glasses, as there are no metal "clip-y" bits anywhere around the frame. Against the stark white backdrop, under the glow of a ton of light, the tint is still dark in its appearance at this time, meaning HyperX did not skimp on the tint level. As far as we know, all sunglass clips are satin black, no matter if ordering black or crystal gray frames.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 06

To see how the sunglasses portion attaches to the Spectre React frames, you need to flip them over, as we did here. While showing only the one on the right side of the frame, both sides have the 3.5mm square magnet near the frame's outermost portion. These work with another pair in the Spectre React frames, which we will show you.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 07

The black material we were using to protect the sunglass clip lenses in the last image was a portion of the included microfiber pouch. The pouch can be used instead of the hard case for transportation, with the hard case as a second layer of protection, or can lie around on a table and clean the lenses.

HyperX Spectre React Eyewear

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 08

If you were to order the satin black Spectre React, you would see none of the semi-transparent portions of the satin crystal gray version we have here. The lens shape used is considered "square" by the specifications, and with ours being the medium/large model, the bridge is slightly wider. The exposed portion of the clear-ish Polycarbonate lenses is somewhat wider than those of the small/medium version but are very similar in appearance.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 09

When we moved the lenses around, we noticed a slight yellowing when looking through them and a reflection that reminds us of older Ford windshields from the nineties and aughts. It shows what HyperX is doing to eliminate blue-light while keeping that "crystal clear" lens that they speak of on-site and in the included literature.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 10

As the earpieces meet the front frame portion of the Spectre React glasses, both sides have this inset, metal, HyperX logo. While not as eye-grabbing as a panda, you will quickly recognize the branding with a glance or a random face turn from your favorite streamer.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 11

Along with the move to using Ultem® for the frame material, we also see that the portion of the stem that wraps around the ear is no longer a solid extension of the earpiece as it was in their thicker frames. With the use of a metal stud, the black satin earpieces are adhered to the Ultem® internally.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 12

Inside of these glasses' left edge, we can see that the left stem delivers the glasses' name along with the model number, but we are more interested in what is to the right of it. HyperX chooses a durable hinge to support the flexible frame material, and in front of that hinge, just slightly to the right a touch more, is another magnet, this time embedded into the frame of the glasses.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 13

We see the match to that magnet on the opposite corner, allowing the sunglass clip to attach to them, and we run into a matching hinge. However, inside the stem on the right side, we see the 56mm width of the square lenses, which use a 16mm gap and 141mm overall width.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 14

Indoors the pinkish reflection is less noticeable but is not visible when wearing the Spectre React glasses. The fact that HyperX changed to much thinner Ultem® frames, we instantly noticed the lack of weight we were used to from wearing the Panda Global set.

HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear Review 15

Rather than having to squint or wear the hood to try to block the bright light of the out of doors, you can hover the sunglass clip close to where they should go, and the magnets will pull them together for you. There is a fair amount of tint used in the sunglasses, which also offer polarization, which is excellent for almost any outdoor activity unless it requires a mobile device. Polarization can have an adverse effect on that.

Final Thoughts

Coming from the Panda Global, thick, heavy glasses, we did not mind in the slightest at the time. We felt that those came with crystal clear lenses, and the reflective effects were slightly lower than what we see with the Spectre React. That fact drives us right down to why we were making light of the crystal clear mentions or putting quotation marks around them. Simply put, there is a yellowing tinge to the Spectre React that we do not see in our earlier set of glasses!

However, even with just the slightest bit of yellowing to our view, it is still much less amber or yellow color that other manufacturers use. The change is subtle, and possibly many may not even be able to tell, but as someone editing images, when they all take on an odd yellow color, and when removing the glasses, they are much closer to white, in reality, it is easy for us to tell.

The slight color shift is the only thing we can complain about on any level. We enjoy the mix of colors in the frame, although a matte black version goes with any outfit as well. We love the flexibility of the Ultem® frames, as pressure has now been removed near our ears while using the Spectre React with headphones. The flexibility also means you can open the frames wider than your face, so a poke in the eye is even less likely. It is the lack of weight hanging on our face that is most noticeable in the end, though.

Gone are the evenings of glasses sliding down your face, the fact that when you shifted your head around, you were constantly reminded of the glasses due to the shifting on new nerves to re-gauge the weight. With the Spectre React, we many times forget they are on. Our Panda Global glasses weighed in at 29.2 grams, and HyperX was able to take that down to as little as 21 grams with these Spectre React. Even with the sunglasses magnetically attached to the front, the weight is 27.2 grams, but only if you need them to be.

It may also help to know that the Spectre React can be delivered with prescription lenses, although the price nearly triples for that service.

Any way you want to look at things, side by side, we are much more in favor of promoting the Spectre React Series over the standard-style offerings. Beyond flexibility is comfort, and that wins out every time. We could care less at this point about fancy logos and eye-grabbing packaging, as HyperX shows us the way with a much more thought-out feature set. Whether on the go in the car, then back to the desk for work, all you need to figure out is how you wish to carry the sunglasses.

In our time with the Spectre React, they have gone from glasses we just used when working or gaming, to a pair of glasses that act as safety glasses, TV watching glasses, phone using glasses, and when the rock is lifted from above our head, and that bright sunshine pours in, grab for the sunglasses, and carry on.

At the end of it all, you have three choices to make for the Spectre React Series of glasses. Do you want satin black, or do you want satin crystal black? Do you need them in a small/medium size, or does the medium /large size fit the bill better? Once the color and size are sorted, you need to make an easy call. Is it worth an extra $10 for the sunglass clip? Pricing even the cheapest of polarized sunglasses, you will spend more than $10, so why not.

So, while you can get these glasses for as cheap as $69.99, we would quickly pay $79.99 to get the glasses as we had them presented to us. Unless we realize we are wearing them or someone comments us on them, these featherweight Spectre React glasses have become a much more significant part of our life than we ever expected!

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The Bottom Line

As much as we loved the earlier versions of Spectre Eyewear, it is the Spectre React that takes top honors. All of the small issues are resolved in a pair of glasses that have become nearly a permanent fixture in our lives.

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HyperX Gaming Spectre React Eyewear

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