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Trident's Wake Departs Early Access With 50 Percent More Content

Posted Jun 4, 2019 @ 20:44 CDT

Vancouver and Mendoza, Argentina - June 4, 2019 - Join the fight to save the remnants of humanity with today's full release of procedurally-generated, twin stick shooter Trident's Wake from Graffiti Games and Bacus Studios. Leaving Early Access and launching as a full release on Steam (PC) today with 50% more content, Trident's Wake has players control and customize mechanized chassis, called Sentinels, as they blast through hordes of enemies and defend against an unknown alien force.

Trident's Wake is available for purchase on Steam with a 30% discount at this link:

With both online and local multiplayer, up to four players can join together to save the remnants of mankind, which have taken refuge in a colony ship called Trident - civilization's last bastion of hope. The Trident, however, has been overrun by an unknown alien force and it's up to players to outfit their Sentinels with deadly firepower and work together to save their society from annihilation.

Thanks to valuable community feedback during Early Access, Bacus Studios is releasing two major updates with today's full release to create the most compelling experience possible. These features include:

  • A Final Mission - Players can now battle their way through the final mission and discover the fate of mankind with the final ending sequence.
  • Localization - Trident's Wake is now localized for Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and French.

In addition, Trident's Wake also added the following new features during Early Access thanks to the community's feedback.

  • New Sentinel: Cyberin - Cyberin is a chassis with exemplary reflexes and strength. While the lattice heat sinks reduce the Cybrin's overall durability, advanced engineering techniques allow the chassis to concentrate waste energy into a temporary kinetic barrier, allowing the soldier to control a battlefield on-the-fly. The Cyberin deploys a shield dome that absorbs enemy projectiles, but allows friendly ones to pass through, creating an amazing safe zone for covering fire.
  • New Sentinel: Roka - A hardy "tank-style" Sentinel with extra health that can take a beating. The Roka focuses on closing pathways by dropping an energy wall that can provide relief when the enemy attacks in hordes.
  • New Sector: Crew Quarters - A once cozy section of the Trident featuring trees, park areas and other outdoor-styled amenities, it has now been occupied by enemy forces that must be destroyed.
  • New Sector: Hydroponics - If humanity wishes to see the flora of its now-dead home planet again, its last warriors must secure this Sector of the ship. Hydroponics contains the means to nurture and harvest all manner of terrestrial plants, securing the nutritional and ecological needs of humanity's next colony.
  • New Enemy: Desolator - Desolator is an enemy that is capable of emitting powerful electric shockwaves across long distances. If you see a power surge beneath you - run!
  • New Weapons:
  • Wasp W-A5 - A reliable submachine gun that makes up for its relatively small bullets with a very high rate of fire and low recoil.
  • Falcon FA-12 - A modified carbine rifle that fires high-precision bursts, three at a time.
  • Ravager R4-V - A shoulder mounted "mortar rifle" that fires explosive rounds at high velocity. This gun causes high damage to the target and its immediate surroundings.

Additional updates:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Introduction Mission (Tutorial)
  • Improved Hosting and Steam Invite
  • New Event Types
  • Voice Chat
  • A Cinematic Intro That Provides The Game's Backstory
  • Sentinel Garage Animations
  • Much More

"We promised the community that we would use Early Access to improve the gameplay experience and we are elated to have fulfilled that promise with loads more content for players," said Ignacio "Nacho" Baldini, C.E.O. and Founder of Bacus Studios. "Our amazing community shared valuable input during Early Access and without their help we would not have been able to launch this quickly. We will continue adding future content to Trident's Wake to provide players with fresh new gameplay."

For more information regarding Trident's Wake please visit the game's Steam page, or Graffiti's Twitter page.

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