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Selma and the Wisp - A Dark Platformer Soon On Nintendo Switch

May 28, 2019 9:32 PM CDT

Coming May 31 - This year on Nintendo Switch a dark platformer with an artistic flair will be available - Selma and the Wisp. In the game, the player is a forest skylight that guides a lost girl through a sleepy and terrifying world. Selma and the Wisp stands out, among other things, with its unique artwork and innovative gameplay model.

Selma and the Wisp - A Dark Platformer Soon On Nintendo Switch |

The platformer was created in the Polish Toucan Studio. Selma and the Wisp made its first debut on the Steam platform (PC/Mac/Linux) and was warmly received by players and reviewers. Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for its conversion on Nintendo Switch and the game's digital distribution (Nintendo eShop).

The game created by Toucan Studio is a platformer with elements of adventure and logic. The main heroine is Selma, a unique girl that enters mysterious and terrifying lands straight from sleepy nightmares. Her only hope for survival turns out to be a forest skylight that is controlled by the player. The unique atmosphere ensures - outside the climatic history - stylized animations and graphic models in low poly style.

"It is the perfect choice for those who like unorthodox and unconventional gameplay. Additionally, this artistic indie game is exceptionally intriguing, which further stresses its disturbing character and the ubiquitous feeling of alienation here" says the CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki.

As Mateusz Zawadzki indicates, Selma and the Wisp distinguishes itself on the market also with its plot full of intriguing twists, rich 3D graphics and a unique atmosphere referring to children's imaginations and fears.

Main features of Selma and the Wisp:

  • a dark, worrying climate;
  • innovative control system;
  • low poly graphics;
  • sleepy reality;
  • interesting unconventional riddles;

Selma and the Wisp will appear on Nintendo Switch May 31, 2019.

Selma and the Wisp (Nintendo eShop):

Selma and the Wisp (Steam):

Selma and the Wisp trailer:

Basic information:

  • Title: Selma and the Wisp
  • Genre: platform, independent, adventure, recreation
  • Producer: Toucan Studio
  • Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.
  • Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Italian
  • Launch date: May 31, 2019 (Nintendo Switch), August 4, 2016 (Steam PC & Mac, iOS, Android)

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