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CMStorm Launches Scout Gaming Chasis

Zac O'Vadka | Mar 5, 2009 1:38 AM CST

Taipei, Taiwan, March, 2009 - Today, CM Storm is celebrating the deployment of the Scout™ true gaming chassis, created in close cooperation with the world's leading professional gaming teams and eSports organizers, including Kode5, Team Fnatic and mousesports. Like all gear developed in the CM Storm Labs, the Scout has been heavily injected with Storm Tactics™ to ensure complete Strength, Security, and Control to the discerning gamer.

Developed with elite engineering skills, and reinforced by the highest grade materials, your Storm gear will perform and deliver with unfailing reliability, letting you focus on your game and worry less about your hardware.

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DiRT 2 previewed at Gaming Heaven

Sean Kalinich | Feb 27, 2009 9:55 AM CST

Codemasters were keen to explain that a lot of the development time has revolved around getting the cars to handle as realistically as possible. Dirt 2 has seen further development on the physics side which means the cars will respond differently than before. There is now a realistic model in place to analyse the weight placement on all four wheels and adjust handling accordingly, including traction. We didn't spend enough time with the game to be in a position to accurately detail how this system works but it is certainly promising and is set to offer the end user a more realistic racing mechanic.

For those graphics buffs amongst you, the Ego engine in Dirt 2 has received a considerable overhaul with a new rendering and lighting system that is designed to give numerous depth to the environments and the terrain. We aren't allowed to really detail this yet as it is a pre-Alpha build and there is plenty that Codemasters isn't speaking about yet. The environments do show promise and are impressive already even though we were told they are missing texture detail and certain lighting effects. The crowd implementation is also yet to be finalised but they looked quite realistic already in their alpha state. Codemasters detailed the future with water effects and particles and we can assure you guys that if you are really into your rally games that this is certain to impress. The cars get progressively dirtier and the damage model is also impressive and the widescreen wipers are needed to make visibility improve !

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Antec unveils the Nine Hundred Two gaming chassis

Steve Dougherty | Jan 20, 2009 12:46 AM CST

Antec, the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, has announced that it is launching the Nine Hundred Two, the latest update to Antec's line of high-performance gaming cases. The Nine Hundred Two includes new enhancements designed specifically for hardcore gamers, such as increased cooling and maximized airflow. The Nine Hundred Two is designed to provide maximum cooling for gaming systems, which are known for exuding greater amounts of heat.

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Razer showcases new gaming peripherals at CES

Steve Dougherty | Jan 9, 2009 12:04 AM CST

Las Vegas, NV - January 8, 2009 - Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Razer™ unveiled a cutting edge of gaming peripherals including the Razer Mamba™, a high precision wireless laser gaming mouse, and the Razer Carcharias™, a circumaural audio headset. Product demonstrations will be held at the South Hall, meeting room 35166.

This new suite of Razer products will give gamers the competitive edge and allow for enhanced game play for longer periods of time. With an emphasis on product design and a focus on proprietary Razer technologies, these latest products will help gamers amplify performance levels with faster response times, increased precision and offer unique design features.

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Logitech geared up for CES - a treat for gamers

Steve Dougherty | Jan 6, 2009 9:00 PM CST

LAS VEGAS - The G-series line of gaming peripherals from Logitech® (SIX:LOGN) (NASDAQ:LOGI) gives gamers what they want: complete control. Today, Logitech unveiled an extension of its award-winning G-series by introducing three new products that deliver precision, high performance and customization: the Logitech® G19 keyboard for gaming, the Logitech® G35 surround sound headset and the Logitech® G9x laser mouse. Delivering everything gamers need for a competitive edge - from programmable buttons to 7.1-channel surround sound and 5000 dpi laser sensors to backlit keys - Logitech's best-in-class gaming peripherals are engineered to deliver everything you have always wanted.

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Rahul Sood Predicts End of the high-end gaming PC

Sean Kalinich | Dec 31, 2008 11:40 AM CST

Last night, I was preparing myself for departure into the world of dreams for couple of hours, when I got the nod that good friend Rahul Sood of Voodoo HP fame posted something interesting on his blog. I ventured to his site and read a good written article that delivers a fine and solid message. Wrong one, I am afraid.

Based on his article, which speaks about the death of high-end PC computers (neatly, some years after Rahul sold his own boutique PC manufacturer to HP for a large sum of dead presidents), the world is going to evolve into small and neat things. And that is a nice pitch to launch a product like the upcoming Blackbird 003, as insinuated in a follow-up post.

And this is where it hit me. The perception of human species is that we're an exclusive kind. One cannot co-exist with another, starting in kindergartens, throughout school, rivalry between brothers/sisters in a family or nations - does not matter, we all think of ourselves as God/Allah/Manitou-given right to exterminate the opponent because "we're better". However, when we look at the world in general, we see that everything is inclusive, even our position in the food chain. We cannot be different, because we would belong to a different position in the food chain, not on top of it. We are predators (Orca the killer whale is also a mammal, so don't pull that argument that we're cute as dolphins), we take all the best qualities, them being good or bad, and use them for our own interests. However, we do not cancel each other out. It is the competition that drives us to the best or worst of our potentials, and it does not matter who comes second, it is the matter of who makes the best product, that being your performance in a family, or a company.

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