You can now play Super Mario 64 forever thanks to this PC mod that randomly generates levels

A new mod for 1996's iconic Super Mario 64 for the unofficial PC port lets you play the game forever thanks to infinitely generated random levels.

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Super Mario 64 was not only the first game in the series to present a fully 3D world, but it's still highly regarded as one of the greatest platformers ever made. Recent efforts to decompile and recreate the game on PC (that is, run it without the need to emulate Nintendo 64 hardware) have resulted in several visual upgrades and mods for the game, including 4K, unlocked frame rates, and even real-time ray tracing.

You can now play Super Mario 64 forever thanks to this PC mod that randomly generates levels 01

Infinite Mario 64 is different in that it's all about gameplay. It adds a random level generator to the game, meaning you can play new Super Mario 64 levels from now until the end of time. This is a remarkable achievement for a game that first came out in 1996.

One of Super Mario 64's most enduring aspects is its level design - alongside impeccable movement and physics. The mod uses elements from the game to create its new levels, so even though they are randomly generated - they still "feel" like classic Mario 64.

Infinite Mario 64 from TwilightPB requires running the libsm64 code base, Godot Engine, and an unmodified Super Mario 64 NTSC ROM. That last bit is the tricky part, as it requires dumping the game from a cartridge and is technically illegal unless you own the game,

You can now play Super Mario 64 forever thanks to this PC mod that randomly generates levels 02

With all of the Nintendo-related emulation news of late, where it has shut down the popular emulator Yuzu, it's worth reiterating that this is something different - a reverse-engineered Super Mario 64 that includes the entire game, just without any copyrighted assets like art and music. Hence, there is a need for a ROM to run.

Infinite Mario 64 results from having full access to Super Mario 64 as a dedicated PC game, in that you can create any mod you can think of. You can download it here and play Super Mario 64 forever.

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