No firmware updates for a $900 monitor? MSI confirms that's the case for some QD-OLED models

MSI will only update firmware for higher-end QD-OLED monitors - the MPG models - and those with a MAG monitor are out of luck (with one exception).

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Here's a bit of an odd one - we've just got wind that MSI is only providing firmware updates for its pricier, highest-end QD-OLED monitors, namely MPG models, whereas the MAG monitors won't get new firmware (with one sole exception - we'll come back to that).

The 34-inch is the one model of the MAG QD-OLED monitors that will get firmware updates (Image Credit: MSI)

The 34-inch is the one model of the MAG QD-OLED monitors that will get firmware updates (Image Credit: MSI)

This situation was revealed by an MSI rep on a Reddit post, when they were questioned about one particular model, and replied to confirm:

"You are correct. The MAG 321UPX QD-OLED will NOT support software updates."

Others in that Reddit thread followed up asking whether this meant software updates via a USB stick might not be supported, but that new firmware could be installed using another method, perhaps?

The rep, MSI_Darutohne, clarified:

"No, there will not be firmware updates via MSI OSD or a different app."

They added:

"MAG versions of the 27" and 32" will not be receiving firmware updates (with the exception of the MAG 341CQP QD-OLED)."

You might now be thinking: What if there's a problem with the monitor? Well, good question - what indeed. It seems a bizarre decision, frankly, to not offer firmware updates with a $900 monitor (the cost of the 32-inch model), and this is something other Redditors have been quick to point out.

Indeed, more than a couple of folks have immediately canceled their order for a MAG QD-OLED model, or at least that's what they've said. One person even noted they have a monitor on the way, but will now be sending it back immediately, and getting a refund.

It's a shame as by all accounts, these screens are impressive, and great value propositions - well, as long as they don't have an unfixable fault down the line, that is. Which may not be likely, in theory, but still - it's a potential worry, particularly when it comes to a high value purchase like one of these monitors.

So, it seems you'll need to fork out more and get an MPG variant to ensure that you are bulletproof from any unforeseen issues that might go wrong with the panel in the future. Not an ideal state of affairs, but judging from the (predictable) reaction on Reddit and elsewhere, maybe MSI will rethink this policy.

The good news elsewhere with MSI's OLED monitors is that the company recently confirmed that it will offer a three year warranty against burn-in, which has remained a controversial area for OLEDs - particularly monitors where static elements are more prevalent than TVs (from game HUDs to the taskbar).

These days, mind you, burn-in is less of an issue than was the case in the past, and various technologies have been developed to help mitigate risks. In MSI's case, the firm has its OLED Care 2.0 tech.

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