NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super leak suggests GPU that's better than expected but 4070 Super looks shaky

Or certainly dicier than previously suggested by the rumor mill, as the RTX 4070 Super is going to be a more weak sauce upgrade if this leak is right.

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A fresh rumor has sprung up around NVIDIA's imminent RTX Super refreshes for its Lovelace range that suggests the RTX 4080 Super might have a little more pep in its step than previously thought.

The spillage was brought to the attention of X (formerly Twitter) users by I_Leak_VN and is supposedly from a presentation to Vietnamese retailers (as flagged by Wccftech).

The slide shown contains the full range of RTX 4000 models and pricing along with comparative performance and value calculations - add your own seasoning and don't go light with the saltshaker.

If the provided figures are correct, the good news is that the RTX 4080 Super looks better than we were anticipating based on previous rumor fodder. In this slide, it is apparently almost 9% faster than the much-maligned vanilla version of the RTX 4080 (which it replaces).

Previous chatter from the grapevine pitched the performance uplift of the RTX 4080 Super to be more like 5%, so this is a notably bigger increase - again, if the slide is on the money.

That 5% or so figure was floated by YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead, who also believed that the other RTX Super refreshes would be faster still - which is clear enough given the relative specs - and would offer more like a 15% uplift.

So how does the latter percentage compare to what we're seeing from this new leak? The freshly spilled slide suggests that the RTX 4070 Ti Super is going to be around 12% speedier than the plain RTX 4070 Ti (which is also being scrapped, going by the rumor mill). And then we have the RTX 4070 Super which is apparently around 10% faster than the vanilla RTX 4070.

While the former seems about in line with expectations, the latter 10% performance boost for the RTX 4070 Super is on the shaky side - and indeed barely any more of an uplift than the RTX 4080 Super is offering, going by the figures here.

In short, we're not sure about how these figures stack up. Looking at the specs, we'd think NVIDIA's RTX 4070 Super would sport more grunt than suggested. While we're prepared to believe that the RTX 4080 Super may offer more than was previously hinted at, we really do expect more from the 4070 Super refresh.

That said, these figures could be off somehow, and they are possibly just based on one benchmarking run - perhaps 3DMark? A synthetic test is, of course, only a mild taster of the power of a GPU, and we need multiple real-world game benchmarks taken, and averaged (across different resolutions, too) before we can start to piece together a real picture of a card's abilities.

In short, hold off judgement for now, although this is a welcome suggestion that the RTX 4080 Super could be a more worthwhile step forward then was previously believed. That card also brings with it a hefty price cut ($200 off the MSRP compared to the RTX 4080).

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