Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make

What's the best Zonai vehicle to make in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? The most useful and versatile vehicle in totk is actually very easy to creat.

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Having trouble exploring Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Build this quick and easy flying machine to dramatically change your gameplay experience.

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 8

Tears of the Kingdom offers tons of potential for creative and unique construction, whether it be elaborate flying machines, crazy AT-ST-style Chicken Walkers, cruel torture devices to punish Koroks, or orbital death laser arrays.

The best vehicle in the game dispels with all of these complications and keeps things incredibly simple. Anyone can make the best vehicle, and in this article we'll show you how.

How to build the best vehicle in the game: Step-by-step checklist

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 1

1. Unlock Autobuild

The first thing that you want to do is get the Autobuild special ability from the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths.

You can enter the Depths through Chasms, or great holes in the ground that are found throughout Hyrule.

There's a few options to get to the mine. The Great Abandoned Central Mine is in the middle of two Chasm points: The Great Plateau North Chasm and a East Mount Hylia Chasm.

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 2Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 3
Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 6

2. How to get to Great Abandoned Central Mine

The easiest Chasm point to access is the Great Plateau North Chasm. This is due south of Hyrule Castle.

Fall down the chasm and unlock the nearby Nogukoyk Lightroot that's slightly to the West from the Great Plateau Chasm's entry point.

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 10

It's critical that you unlock this shine.

You'll still need to unlock the shrine even if you choose to go the Mount Hylia East Chasm route.

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 5

3. Make your way South from the Nogukoyk Lightroot, or North from the Mouth Hylia East Chasm

From the Lightroot, you'll want to head South towards the Great Abandoned Central Mine. We won't do a step-by-step on how to get there--half of the fun of the Depths is going into the dark unknown!

If you entered from the Mount Hylia East Chasm, you'll make your way North. This route is harder, but more rewarding because you can visit a nearby Yiga Clan Hideout and get a schematic for a flying machine.

Also, while you're making your way North towards the Great Abandoned Central Mine, be sure to pick up the Miner's Greaves at the Hylia Canyon Mine. They will be on the West as you make your way North from the Mouth Hylia Chasm.

4. Get Autobuild from the Great Abandoned Central Mine

Once you've finally arrived, you'll unlock a fast-travel shrine point and talk to a nearby Zonai helper who will give you the ability.

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 11

5. Fast travel back to the Nogukoyk Lightroot

After you've unlocked Autobuild be sure to fast travel back to the Nogukoyk Lightroot. Time to start building!

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 12

A little bit East of the shrine you will find a bunch of Zonai equipment.

We want two fans and a lever controller unit.

Zelda TOTK's best vehicle is very easy to make 9

6. Building the speeder bike/Swoop/air bike

This part is a little tricky but ultimately easy and cheap. The best flying machine in the game is made with just three components, but you have to put them together just right or else the vehicle will just crash everywhere.

We've included some YouTube video tutorials below to help give you an idea of how to build the device.

Once it's built, be sure to save the vehicle as a favorite in your Autobuild menu.

Voila! Now you can instantly build one of the best and most versatile vehicles in the game for the low cost of 9 Zonaite.

Even if you run out of energy charges, don't worry: This machine can withstand great fall distances and often Link will stay attached to the controls and not take any damage.

Just be sure to remember that all Autobuild items will disappear if you break too many components off of them. You also cannot remove any single component from an Autobuilt vehicle and transfer them to another build/item.

This vehicle is ideal for scouting around the Depths, or even zooming around across the mid-point of Hyrule. I wouldn't use it too much in the skies unless you have a lot of battery cells.

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