Twitter is dead, sort of

Twitter Inc. no longer exists and is now part of X Corp, another company that CEO Elon Musk owns. Could Twitter change its name as well?

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The idea of Twitter going away isn't all that crazy right now with current owner and CEO Elon Musk making some strange decisions since his $44 billion buyout at the back end of 2022. But now the company very much doesn't exist. Twitter is dead.

Long live X Corp. Confused? We've only just started.

See. the story goes that Twitter is in the middle of being sued by Laura Loomer because she thinks that the social network violated federal racketeering laws when it banned her account back in 2019. That account is alive and kicking right now, but part of the lawsuit's process means that Twitter has to submit corporate disclosure agreements. And the latest was a doozy.

According to that disclosure "Twitter, Inc. has been merged into X Corp. and no longer exists." So there we have it, Twitter finally died.

The move means that X Corp is now on the hook for the original lawsuit and while it isn't expected to actually go anywhere, it did at least give us confirmation that Twitter is no longer called Twitter. At least, not as far as the law is concerned.

Elon Musk of course owns X Corp as well as X holdings Corp which is its parent company. And in typical Musk fashion, he hasn't actually told anyone about the fact that Twitter Inc. doesn't exist. Well, now we know.

Is it possible that the Twitter name will change to something else? Maybe, who knows at this point? And the way Twitter has gone since that buyout you'd have to be a little bit crazy to try and guess ahead of time.


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