Elon Musk publicly apologizes for Twitter while announcing it 'feels alive'

Elon Musk has publicly apologized for Twitter while simultaneously announcing new features and that the platform is feeling 'increasingly alive'.

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SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken to his personal Twitter account to publicly apologize for Twitter, while also announcing that the platform is feeling "increasingly alive".

Since Elon Musk officially bought Twitter on October 27, the platform has already gone through a roller coaster of changes, with many of these changes causing division among users. However, there is one thing everyone can agree on, it certainly hasn't been boring since Musk has taken over.

Within the three weeks, Musk has owned Twitter, he's revised the Twitter Blue subscription, taken Twitter's verification badge and made it a purchasable cosmetic, created a second verification badge for "official" accounts, faced waves of people impersonating his account, fired half of Twitter's staff, asked some of those fired staff to return back to the company, and much more. On November 14, Musk took to his account to post, "Twitter feels increasingly alive".

The billionaire followed up an hour and a half later with another announcement, this time more centered on new features Twitter engineers have been working on. Musk unveiled that Twitter will soon allow organizations to identify which other Twitter accounts are associated with him. An example of this would be NASA's string of different Twitter accounts (NASA Solar System, NASA Webb Telescope, etc) being able to indicate they all fall under the same umbrella.

In other Elon Musk news, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO recently demanded that a payroll audit be conducted to determine which Twitter staff "were real," as he was concerned that there could be "ghost employees" being paid. The billionaire wanted to determine which staff members were "real humans" before giving them their regularly scheduled bonuses. Reports such as this come at a time when Twitter is navigating treacherous financial terrain, with Musk writing in his first formal email to all Twitter staff that the company may not survive.

The email from Musk to staff outlined that the "economic picture ahead is dire" and that the company needed to become less reliant on advertisers, hence its move toward becoming more Twitter Blue, a more consistent revenue stream. Musk set a target that the company needs half of its total revenue to be from Twitter Blue subscribers.

A US Senator has demanded that Elon Musk responds to him over the slew of Twitter account impersonators that rocked the platform when Twitter Blue went live. The senator accused Musk of turning Twitter into the "wild west of social media" through the haphazard implementation of several features, predominately the purchasable verification badge.

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