Forget the yardwork! Bust out the autonomous lawn mower to do it

Don't like yardwork? Well, autonomous technology isn't just for cars and trucks, as manufacturers are testing self-driving lawnmowers and the like.

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Heavy equipment manufacturer Bobcat is embracing autonomous technology in its effort to make next-generation products. Part of that effort included an investment in Greenzie, a company that just received $8M in corporate funding from Atlanta Ventures and Bobcat.

Forget the yardwork! Bust out the autonomous lawn mower to do it 02

Greenzie specializes in autonomous software for outdoor robotics and understands its solutions could help reduce the burden of an ongoing labor shortage.

The company focuses specifically on software, so should be able to stretch its latest cash injection longer than if it had a physical product to manufacture, test, and ship. Bobcat can greatly benefit from a valued software partner uninterested in making its own hardware.

The Bobcat autonomous mowing system travels along assigned tasks so the operator can finish other tasks while the mower is in operation. Embedded sensors are able to identify known and unknown obstacles, with owners able to plot specific locations for the mower to avoid.

A record and repeat feature also lets owners save routes for future use.

As said by Joel Honeyman, VP of global innovation at Bobcat:

"Innovation is part of the Bobcat DNA. We invented the compact equipment industry more than 60 years ago, and we continue to reimagine the future of the industry today. Through this investment with Greenzie, we can accelerate our development of operated-assisted and automated solutions to help our customers be more productive on the job site or their backyard."

Bobcat will show off its autonomous technology during the North American Equip Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. An initial launch is expected sometime in late 2023.

Robotic automation and autonomous are both changing how we live at home and at work, with technology pushing the boundaries all around us. It doesn't matter Cub Cadet has a GPS-assisted auto steer technology designed to reduce overlap and maximize productivity - things that might have been overlooked but can be done with the help of software.

Landscapers and homeowners can look forward to smart tools and autonomous lawnmowers and other machinery right around the corner.

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