YouTube is removing all dislikes from all videos on its service

YouTube and its shocking move of removing the 'dislike' count on ALL of its videos, and of course, it's to stop 'dislike attacks'.

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We all know videos where the dislike count is higher than the like count, especially on some videos released by corporations -- and especially since Joe Biden became President -- there are a lot of videos with more dislikes than like and now YouTube is doing something about it.

The company says that the dislikes on YouTube will not be seen by the world, but the dislike button itself would remain. This means that you can still click or tap on the thumbs down button, which will let the creators behind the video know that you didn't like it, but no one else will know that you didn't like it.

Earlier this year, YouTube removed the dislike counter on videos... and while you've been free to like and dislike videos on the platform, now you simply can't. Well, you can -- but no one else will see it other than the content creator. YouTube also added that it has talked with small content creators, and said some of them felt like they were being targeted with dislike attacks -- more so than larger creators.

YouTube removing the dislike counter on its videos couldn't come at a worse time, when there's so much misinformation and hiding lots of truth in the dark. Removing dislikes doesn't feel like the right move, especially when there's still likes -- so you can see that -- but not dislikes. It's like the negativity of shitty videos is too much for some, and YouTube is using it as the perfect excuse to remove dislikes.

YouTube is removing all dislikes from all videos on its service 01

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