Toshiba launches 160GB 1.8-inch drive

Already in the new iPod.

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Toshiba has announced the availability of two new 1.8-inch drives and you can already find both of them in the new iPod classic. We're talking tiny drives here and they're not exactly speed monsters, but the 160GB model is the largest capacity 1.8-inch drive to date.

It's only one small problem, the 160GB model is using two 80GB platters which make it quite fat at 8mm thick compared to only 5mm for the 80GB single platter version.

Both models operates at a mere 3,600rpm which is terribly slow compared to even 2.5in drives by today's standard and this gives the drives a slow 15ms seek time.. The 160GB model is only available with CE-ATA interface while the 80GB model comes with standard IDE interface.
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