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1600MHz FSB Xeons on the way

Penryn based of course.

Published Thu, Aug 30 2007 8:50 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:39 PM CST
It's been revealed by an updated Intel roadmap earlier today that three Penryn based Xeon processors with a whopping 1600MHz front-side bus will be launched sometime during Q4 (supposedly along with the rest of the Penryn family).

The line topping Xeon E5472 processor runs at 3GHz, with the E5462 sitting close behind at 2.8GHz. Each is said to be priced at around $958 and $797 respectively.

It's also been noted by the lads over at Dailytech that there will be a dual-core Penryn based Xeon hit shelves too, this being the E5272. This chip will run at 3.4GHz and is set to be priced at somewhere around $1,172, OUCH!

Furthermore, Dailytech also share more up to date details about the upcoming desktop Penryn family of processors.

Intel's latest roadmap reveals three new Penryn based Xeon models with a higher front-side bus speed - 1600 MHz. The three new 1600 MHz front-side bus processors are available in dual-core and quad-core models. Quad-core Xeon E5472 and E5462 are the first quad-core models to receive the 1600 MHz front-side bus treatment.

The Xeon E5472 features a 3.0 GHz clock speed while the E5462 features a 2.8 GHz clock speed. These models feature 80-watt thermal ratings as designated with the E moniker. Intel plans to release these 1600 MHz front-side bus processors in Q4 2007 with the rest of the Penryn family.

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