Tesla opens longest Supercharger route, spans east to west in China

Tesla announces it has opened the longest Supercharger route from east to west China, with a nod towards China's Silk Road.

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Tesla has completely modernized the New Silk Road in China, with the installation of 27 Supercharger stations spread out across 5000 kms between east and west China. Check it out:

The official Tesla China Twitter account posted the video, with the now largest Supercharger route in the world that spans across the Silk Road. The Silk Road came about during the Han Dynasty all the way back between 206 BC and 220 AD -- with Silk Road spanning to the west and building a trade network with Central Asian countries and connected the empire with Europe.

This was integral for China, as they used Silk Road to transport things like jade, silk, and spices for things like glass, gold, and other metals. Silk Road was an ancient trading route that was how China connected itself with Western nations, trading not just items and minerals, but traditions and history, and everything in between.

Tesla opens longest Supercharger route, spans east to west in China 10
Tesla opens longest Supercharger route, spans east to west in China 11

Tesla China explains: "Across the boundless desert and the isolated Gobi, lay a realm of desolation once unknown to many. Some, with firm belief, embarked on a long journey. They marched fearlessly along the way and opened up a path of exploration. Despite uncertainty and danger, the will to discover was valid as always. Along this trail, thousand years of history fades in the blink of an eye".

"This time, together with Tesla, let us come alongside the time-honored Hexi Corridor and return to the ancient Silk Road where the West and the East encounters to revive the buried epics, to retrieve the forgotten beauty. Beyond distance and time, unbound by tradition or trends, towards the farther oasis. Embrace all in a pure way with a pure heart".

Tesla opens longest Supercharger route, spans east to west in China 13

The new Silk Road will link Asia, Africa, and Europe together and will see investment into the future for railway, highway, and port construction. It's all part of China's gigantic New Silk Road Belt and Road Initiative, which promotes global cooperation and economic development.

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