Creative to launch X-Fi headphones

With active noise-canceling.

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Creative is about to launch a pair of new headphones in the Aurvana series and these ones are simply called Aurvana X-Fi. It's the first set of headphones to features built in X-Fi technology from Creative, although Creative did promise a wide range of X-Fi enabled products at the time when the sound cards launched.

Although the Aurvana X-Fi headphone only features the X-Fi Crystalizer and the CMSS-3D technology, these new headphones also features active noise-canceling, which means they're ideal for using in-flight. If you've ever spent over 12 hours on a plane, you'll know why you'd want a pair of headphones with noise-canceling technology.

The X-Fi Crystalizer restores the highs and lows that are lost in compressed audio formats and although you won't get the quality of uncompressed music, in can in most cases improve the overall quality of your compressed music files. The CMSS-3D technology is simply Creative's 3D surround sound technology, although it's one of the better yours truly has heard.

The noise reduction system will lower the ambient noise by as much as 20dBm which is quite a lot and it should as such be able to remove the annoying background humming noises you get onboard airplanes. And for those long flights Creative has fitted the Aurvana X-Fi's with cushioned ear cups and a padded headband. The speakers consist of a 40mm element for each ear driven by Neodymium magnets.

Also supplied is travel case, an airplane audio adapter, a 6.3mm adapter and a 1.5m extension lead. No release date has been set, but the Creative website is listing these as coming soon. Expect them to be expensive, as the previous Aurvana earphones and Aurvana DJ headphones are both priced at US$99.99.

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