DPVR's Starlink enables synchronized VR training in the classroom

DPVR developed a classroom training solution that gives teachers control of a VR experience while students tag along in headsets.

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DPVR, a VR headset company from Shanghai, recently launched the DPVR Starlink solution, allowing teachers to run guided training with VR headsets in school classrooms. Starlink synchronizes spectator headsets with the instructor's view to keep students focused on the lesson.

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DPVR said it developed the Starlink solution to help schools cut down on the cost of implementing VR training systems. Starlink allows teachers to run a classroom lecture in VR, with the teacher operating a PC VR system while the students watch from a standalone headset. The standalone headsets reduce the cost for schools by eliminating the need for a computer for each student.

The piece that brings this puzzle together is DPVR's P1 all-in-on VR headset, a Snapdragon XR2-based standalone device with a 4K display. The Starlink system casts the view of the PC headset wirelessly to up to 40 P1 headsets. That means every student in a class as big as 40 people would see the same picture the teacher sees at the exact moment the teacher sees it.

The Starlink system not only saves money on hardware costs but also cuts down on software costs. With Starlink, the teacher's system is the only one that needs a software license. The rest of the headsets are just viewers, and the students are along for the ride and do not need the application installed locally.

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"The biggest benefit, of course, is the cost savings, there's no need for lots of computers in a room, and software licensing is cheaper too," said Derek Liu, DPVR Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "Starlink from DPVR is a great solution."

DPVR headsets are primarily sold in China, but the company sells hardware worldwide. DPVR said it has deployed hardware to customers in 100 countries. Check DPVR's website for more information about the Starlink system and its headset options.

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