Facebook purchased the developer that created Onward

Another one of the biggest gaming VR games is now under Facebooks control. Oculus Studios bought Onward maker Downpour Interactive.

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Facebook today announced that it acquired Downpour Interactive, the independent game studio that created the popular VR war simulator Onward. Facebook said this move would give Downpour the resources to improve the game even further.

Facebook purchased the developer that created Onward 01

Onward is one of the most popular VR games. Downpour Interactive originally released the game on PC VR platforms, where it saw great success on both the Oculus and SteamVR ecosystems. Recently, the developer ported the game over to the Oculus Quest platform, which exposed a much wider audience to the game.

Facebook recognized the Downpour Interactive is one of the pioneers behind social VR experiences. Under the Oculus Studios umbrella, Downpour will have the resources to take Onward to greater heights. Facebook also said the move would give Downpour the ability to pursue future projects.

Facebook said that it would absorb the entire team at Downpour Interactive in the deal, and every employee would find a new home at Oculus Studios "in some capacity." Facebook also committed to maintaining Onward on "all its current platforms," which is to say the Steam VR version is safe. This isn't the first studio that Facebook has acquired, and it has always left the games on other platforms.

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