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DFI Unveils LANParty UT P35 Series

DDR2 and DDR3 Variants.

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Enthusiasts will be wrapped with this one. DFI have just added a new addition to their popular LANParty UT series of motherboards, this latest variant based around Intel's P35 chipset.

The LANParty UT P35, whilst not anything particularly fancy in the features dept. when compared to other P35 boards on the market (bar a more enhanced 8-phase Digital PWM and replacement of the "Karajan" audio module for superior "Bernstein Audio"), it does have a very unique cooling solution implemented, something unlike we've ever seen before in fact.

As explained on DFI's website :-

The designer of DFI LP UT P35 series has created a whole new "weapon", a heat pipe assembly from SB, NB then extend to PWM. The design of DFI's new heat pipe is totally different to others in market.

It uses a copper-made pipe to connect independent heat sinks of SB, NB and PWM together. Then, there will be an extension joint (Transpiper) to carry the heat out from the chassis. The Transpiper can be extended to where outside the PSU fan. That means the air flow from the PSU fan will be help to carry out the heat from Transpiper. Otherwise, the heat air flow will be stuck inside the chassis and that will jeopardize the stability of the system. This is a magnificent breakthrough of heat pipe assembly design.

Very interesting aye?! - The board will also come in two flavours, with the LANParty UT P35-T2R using DDR2 memory and the LANParty UT P35-T3R requiring DDR3.

For full details and images, head over to DFI's website folks.

The developing speed of PC industry is incredible fast in these years. It just likes: CPU transformation, which is transit from dual core to quad core, the FSB from 800/ 1066MHz up to 1333HMz. On the other hand, VGA just started the competition between SLI & Crossfire, and then additional physics rendering function involves the war...Also, the generation of memory is from DDR and all the way down to DDR3 era. All these changes have happened within 2 years; likewise, DFI also has transformed a lot in product design. The first revolution is to replace traditional mosfit with digital PWM. And then, "EZ clear" for users to clear CMOS in a easier way. Further, DFI tried to use a separate advance audio device (Karajan audio and Bernstein) in LANParty motherboard. Now, DFI are intended to gathering those advance features together in a brand new model, the LANParty UT P35-T2R.

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