All revenue for the next 24 hours will go to the Koala Bushfire Fund!

For the next 24 hours, all advertising and affiliate revenue from TweakTown will go to the Kangaroo Island Koala Bushfire Fund by RSPCA.

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I'm very happy to announce that for the next 24 hours starting right now, all revenue (not profit, but all incoming funds) will go to the RSPCA Kangaroo Island Bushfire Appeal, which is an emergency response for animals in need.

All revenue for the next 24 hours will go to the Koala Bushfire Fund! |

Sadly, so many human lives and homes and businesses have been destroyed in Australia's worst natural disaster ever, but there has also been an huge impact on the wildlife in Australia. In particular, on Kangaroo Island near Adelaide, South Australia, which has seen huge amount of its habitat and koala population destroyed by recent savage bushfires fueled by drought, heat, heavy winds, and possibly deliberately lit fires.

The fund has already raised over $200,000 and we hope we can contribute as much as possible to the fund.

We challenge other tech sites to match our donation and do something similar!

How can you help?

It's easy.

Just visit TweakTown as many times as possible over the next 24 hours from now. Remember to turn off your ad blocker if you use one. If you see an advertisement which interests you, click it. We will also be donating all Amazon affiliate revenue, so if you want to directly help, click this Amazon link first (which contains our affiliate code), and then buy something.

Every cent of our ad revenue from all our ad partners will be donated to the fund. If you wish to make a donation directly, click here.

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