Intel details its first hybrid CPU 'Lakefield' on 10nm tech

Intel's next-gen Lakefield CPU is on 10nm and is the first to use Foveros 3D design packaging.

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Intel has kicked off the hype train for its next-gen Lakefield processor, which will be the first to use Intel's new Foveros 3D packaging technology, and will start production later in the year. The teaser below does a great job of what to expect, which will see Intel fighting directly against Qualcomm in the SoC space for the next generation of laptops and portable devices.

Lakefield is going to be one of the most insteresting and tech-packed system-on-a-chip releases this year, with Intel getting to show off its 3D design packaging that will pack a slew of chips, GPU, memory and I/O on top of the main base die.

Intel details its first hybrid CPU 'Lakefield' on 10nm tech 03

The two DRAM layers are placed on top of the compute chiplet that houses the CPU and GPU which are both on 10nm, and then placed on top of the base die with cache and I/O.

Intel details its first hybrid CPU 'Lakefield' on 10nm tech 05

In the video Intel confirms that Lakefield's compute chiplet will feature 4 smaller CPU cores and a single large Sunny Cove CPU architecture core. This will be joined by 1.5MB of L2 cache and 4MB of last-level cache (LLC), LP-DDR4 memory, Intel Graphics Gen 11-Low Power (Gen 11-LP), a Gen 11.5 display processor, imaging processor, and MIPI Display Serial Interface, Camera Serial Interface, DisplayPort 1.4 components, and misc. glue logic and debugging interfaces.

Intel promises that the new Lakefield-powered device will feature longer battery life, world class performance ands blazing fast connectivity.

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This means that with smaller chips we'll have smaller boards, and with smaller boards we'll see a new class of portable, yet powerful and feature packed twin-screen convertible laptops, and other book-style devices that Intel teases some concepts of in the video.

Intel details its first hybrid CPU 'Lakefield' on 10nm tech 07

We should expect to see Lakefield-powered devices later this year with Intel saying it expects it to be in production 'this year'.

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