Far Cry 2 has better physics than Far Cry 5, is 10 years old

Far Cry 2 had impressive physics for 2008, beating out the just-released Far Cry 5.

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Far Cry 5 has just been released and in order to rain on gamers' parades, we have a new video from 'Crowbcat' on YouTube that shows just how impressive the physics were... in Far Cry 2. Not 5. Two.

The video shows an awesome fire effects comparison that has Far Cry 2 sitting in a far better position, with grass and trees burning when the fire spreads, versus Far Cry 5 where it doesn't get affected. Boo.

Far Cry 5's tall grass however, is bendable, but in Far Cry 2 most of the bushes could be bent over. Environmental destruction in Far Cry 5 is limited, while in Far Cry 2 you could destroy lights and while it might sound like a small thing, Far Cry 2 is 10 years old.

The cloud technology in Far Cry 2 is far superior to that in Far Cry 5, while so much of Far Cry 5 is superior to FC2 like environments, textures, and far more detailed characters. What do you think?

Far Cry 2 has better physics than Far Cry 5, is 10 years old | TweakTown.com
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