Bungie admits Destiny 2's weapon systems need repaired

Bungie's damage control with Destiny 2 intensifies.

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Destiny 2 just got a big roadmap layout for future updates, and Bungie devs highlight many of the key ways the game needs to change--especially weapons.

Bungie admits Destiny 2's weapon systems need repaired | TweakTown.com

Guns are the prime driver of Destiny games. Not only do you use them nearly every second of the game--it's a shooter after all with very Halo-esque gunplay--but you're always, and I mean always, looking and finding new gear. But now that every weapon's stats are basically the same, the game has devolved into a boring grindfest that doles out similarly-attributed items that get broken down, or, on the off chance you find something new, fills up your stash.

Bungie has admitted that this system needs to be overhauled in some way, but hasn't outlined how this will happen--just why. "Destiny 2 needs more weapons that matter, both in power and the hunt to acquire them," Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett said on Twitter. "Exotics need to live up to their name. The most skillful or visceral weapons like Snipers, Shotguns, and Fusion Rifles need to return to glory. We're on it."

"This might not have come across strong enough in the update. The sandbox team is an amazingly talented group and are hard at work on changes."

As a Destiny 2 player who basically fell out of the constant grindfest, I totally agree with Barrett's sentiments. Exotics need to be more unique and there needs to be more of them, and I'd like to see more varying weapons that open up new opportunities for interesting builds. There will always be a meta, and I'm sure it's tough to introduce a new weapon into the game that can have tons of changes of everything, but I also think it's important to keep injecting things in outside of expansions.

After all, Destiny 2 is probably making untold millions in microtransactions to fund said updates and additional content outside of the paid expansion packs.

In any case, Bungie knows they need to change things, but it totally remains to be seen if they know what they're doing or are able to appease current fans--and win back those that jumped ship.

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