Inno3D intros new P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator card

Inno3D unveils its new P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator, available in the TWIN X2 edition variant.

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Inno3D is jumping right into the cryptocurrency mining product game with the announcement of their new P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator, a new card that is powered by NVIDIA's GP104 GPU and packs 4GB of GDDR5X at 11Gbps.

Inno3D intros new P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator card |

The new P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator will be available in Inno3D's TWIN X2 edition, and offers 40% more mining power than its predecessor for mining ETH, ZEC, and many other cryptocurrencies. The reason it is so powerful, is that Inno3D have kicked down the VRAM to just 4GB, but amped it up by using GDDR5X with 11Gbps of bandwidth on a 256-bit memory bus that provides 320GB/sec of memory bandwidth.

This means Inno3D's new P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator rocks 35MH/s or more of ETH mining power, 470 Sol/sec of ZEC mining power, and 660H/sec of XMR mining power.

Inno3D haven't provided a price just yet, but they did say that the P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator will be available before the end of December.


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