Galaxy S9 powered by Snapdragon 845, but on 10nm LPE node

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 on 10nm FinFET LPE could power Samsung's next-gen Galaxy S9.

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Samsung is expected to unveil its next-gen Galaxy S9 smartphone sometime in early 2018, but what SoC will it be powered with? The company usually goes with its usual one-two punch of outsourcing to Qualcomm for their Snapdragon line of chips, while using their own in-house Exynos processor for different markets.

Galaxy S9 powered by Snapdragon 845, but on 10nm LPE node |

But according to the latest rumors, Qualcomm will be providing their Snapdragon 845 processor on the 10nm FinFET LPE node while the Exynos 9810 powered model will be made on the better 10nm LPP process. The difference between LPE and LPP nodes? Around 10% performance, and 15% better power efficiency, which when we're talking about smartphones - is a lot.

The additional performance and savings in battery life will be great, especially for those shooting 4K 60FPS video or smartphone users who are multi-tasking constantly. We will have to wait and see what Samsung does, and what SoC that Qualcomm provides in early 2018.

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