Futuremark announces 'Cyan Room', a DX12 benchmark for VR

Futuremark announces VRMark Cyan Room, a new DX12 benchmark test for VR.

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Futuremark has announced their new DirectX 12 benchmark for VR, with VRMark Cyan Room built to show how using an API with less overhead can provide improved VR experiences, even on systems that aren't beefed up with GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards.

Futuremark announces 'Cyan Room', a DX12 benchmark for VR 06

VRMark's Experience Mode lets you walk through the awesomely-styled world that Futuremark has built for its Cyan Room, where you can adjust the rendering resolution and see the changes in VR. VR headsets are capable of using methods that compensate for the missed frames, which can ruin VR experiences in the worst times. This way, developers and hardware makers can do testing and run it through benchmarks like Cyan Room, especially in DX12.

Futuremark announces 'Cyan Room', a DX12 benchmark for VR 07

Cyan Room is a pure DX12 benchmark that runs on an in-house DX12 VR engine, with the options to change you resolution and customize the settings, as well as run it on your desktop monitor or VR headset.

Futuremark's new VRMark Cyan Room arrives on November 22 as a free update to VRMark Advanced Edition and VRMark Professional Edition.

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