NVIDIA's new DGX-1V system ships, costs $149,000

NVIDIA's new Volta-based AI supercomputer, DGX-1V begins shipping, costs $149,000.

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NVIDIA unleashed its next-gen DGX-1V system earlier this year, promising a Q3 2017 launch, and have followed through with that launch now shipping the first Volta-based DGX-1V systems.

NVIDIA's new DGX-1V system ships, costs $149,000 | TweakTown.com

The first Volta-based DGX-1V system was shipped to MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS), which is a "Massachusetts-based research group focusing on AI and machine learning applications in healthcare", reports AnandTech. This means CCDS is one of the first research institutes with the new Volta-based AI supercomputer, an upgrade from their Pascal-based DGX Station.

CCDS will be using the AI supercomputers in training deep neural networks that will be evaluating medical images and scans, with AnandTech adding that they'll be "using Massachusetts General Hospital's collection of phenotypic, genetics, and imaging data. In turn, this can assist doctors and medical practitioners in making faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans".

NVIDIA's new DGX-1V features 8 x Tesla V100 accelerators, with 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4 processors (20C/40T), 512GB DDR4-2133 LRDIMM, and a total of 128GB of HBM2 (8 x 16GB HBM2 per Tesla V100).

There's also 4 x 1.92TB SSDs in RAID 0, dual 10GbE connectors, and a 3200W PSU to handle it all in the 3U rackmount installation.

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