Quake Champions raw gameplay footage: this ain't COD

Quake Champions is shaping up beautifully, it's just as fast as it should be.

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I put thousands of hours into the Quake franchise in the 90s, after diving right into the 3dfx Voodoo 1 at the time and running Quake (the original) in Glide - an alternate API to DirectX and OpenGL at the time. Fast forward to now, and we have Quake Champions - and it's not slow like the first-person shooters of today.

The latest Quake Champions raw gameplay footage is a great thing to see in a world of spruced up bullshots of games and PR-driven trailers: it's real, it's super-fast, and it's on the PC. Bethesda and id Software promised that Quake Champions has PC-specific features, with the developers building Quake Champions around the quick movement of a mouse and keyboard. Music to my ears.

Quake Champions raw gameplay footage: this ain't COD | TweakTown.com

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