For Honor: unlocking everything costs $732, or 2.5 years

It costs $732, or 2.5 years of playtime, to unlock everything in For Honor.

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Ubisoft released For Honor last month, with the melee combat focused action game receiving decent praise from critics and gamers - but the microtransactions that Ubisoft have implemented are... well... bad.

For Honor: unlocking everything costs $732, or 2.5 years |

If you were to unlock everything in For Honor, including the Emotes, Executions, Effects, Outfits, and Ornaments - it would cost $732 in real money, or 2.5 years. Reddit user bystander007 worked it out, with the average hero requiring 91,500 steel (For Honor's in-game currency) to unlock everything - for one Hero. There are 12 heroes in total, so 12 x 91,500 = 1,098,000 of in-game currency - but you can buy Steel with real money, too.

For every $100 you pump into For Honor, you'll get 150,000 steel - but then you'd need $732 worth of real money converted into steel to hit 1,098,000 - a crazy amount of money.

But don't worry, if you don't have the money to unlock everything in For Honor - you've got time on your side, right? Well, with 1-2 hours of average playtime 5-7 days per week, it would take 900+ days to unlock everything - over 2.5 years in total. If you were a fully dedicated For Honor player, you're still cut off - as Ubisoft designed the game for around two hours worth of rewards per day. This means you can earn around 23,550 of Steel in a week - and would still require nearly an entire year of playing For Honor to unlock it all.

Is it worth it? No, no it's not - not for $732, or 2.5 years of your life. Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the other hand? I've pumped 50+ hours into in the last two weeks. Gosh I'm addicted to it, I had to pull myself away from it to type up this news post.

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