Steam Winter Sale is coming, prepare your wallet

Guys, just hide your wallet before Lord GabeN steals your money.

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Like always, we always know if Steam has a summer sale, it will have another winter sales. It's a given as we pour our money down to Lord GabeN pockets. but, when does this winter sale start?

Steam Winter Sale is coming, prepare your wallet 08

Thanks to NeoGAF user "Tizoc", we now know "the Winter sale runs from December 22, 2016@ 9:50pm Pacific and ends January 2, 2017@ 10:10 am Pacific". The helpful folks over at have confirmed this information on their end. so, the leak is legit.

Black Friday was only last week and now we got Steam sales? We can expect the same thing from other companies like Blizzard and EA dropping the price of their games but at what extend?

Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't build my first pc yet because even if I buy these games, I can't even play them. My wallet will thank me for now.

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