Titanfall 2 Ion ultimate tip for newcomers and veterans

I used my laser core ability and they still escaped?! Unfair no more with this godsent tip!

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We all have used that awesome chest-bursting laser ability of Ion to annihilate the enemy titan but only to find out its passenger have escaped?! Well, this helpful tip from Redditor 'Ralphfromdk' of the Titanfall subreddit might help secure the soul of that sneaky pilot.

Titanfall 2 Ion ultimate tip for newcomers and veterans | TweakTown.com

Ralphfromdk noted that he sees the following phenomenon way too often where fellow Ion players are wasting the rest of their ultimate by swiping left and right in a last ditch effort to secure another victim while instead, they could have already killed the ejecting pilot.

His tip is quite simple actually :"If you doom someone and they try to eject, it is very easy to spot. Don't waste the rest of your core on an already dead titan, instead, while the titan is standing still, aim 2-3 feet above it to instantly fry the poor pilot as they try to escape. No need to [try to] hit laser shots on cloaked or phased pilots, they won't get the time to use any of that. They will be dead instantly."

This advice should hopefully help anyone who's getting into Titanfall 2 with the Black Friday sale and the release of its first DLC.. Good luck and have fun!

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